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MPG SERIES Advantages
MPG SERIES Components
14X Tandem Drive Axle
Q Plus Cam Brakes
SteelLite X30 Brake Drums
System Saver 1200Plus Air Dryer
Air Disc Brakes
Permalube™ RPL Driveline
OnGuard™Colission Safety Systems
RideSentry With PinLoc
Tire Inflation System by P.S.I.

Lightweight, yet strong, Meritor SteelLite X30 brake drums save up to 200 lbs. for a typical tandem axle tractor/trailer or medium-duty combination

Significant weight savings!

SteelLite X30 Brake Drums Brochure
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Lightweight, yet strong, SteelLite X30 drums save up to
200 pounds for a typical tandem axle tractor/trailer or medium-duty combination.

  • Reduce maintenance with a durable one-piece design that provides long operating life
  • Deliver, on average, a 20-pound weight savings vs. 16.5" x 7" casted drums
  • Retrofit available
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